• 西can经营管理特xing
  • 分canzhi;
    环境优ya,消费dangci絰i撸狐br /> 重shi菜肴的创新,鼓励即兴创作,厨师地位絰i撸狐br /> 重shi食品安全卫生,各方面管理shui平要求絰i摺Ⅻ/li>
  • Western restaurants Operation Management Features
  • Separate dining system;
    Relatively traditional and standardised kitchen management;
    Staff pay attention to etiquette, culture and service with a high labor cost;
    Promotes flexible operation;
    Diversified dining options: a la carte, set meal, buffet, and banquet;
    An elegant environment and high levels of consumption;
    Highlights creative dishes, encourages impromptu creations and gives higher respect to chefs;
    Highly values food safety and hygiene with strict requirements for management levels in various aspects.
  • 西can经营管理难dian
  • 人员方面:
    员工素zhi要求絰i撸⒂锬芰σ螅狐br /> 西canli仪文化的培训,食物饮料搭pei的培训要求絰i撸狐br /> 服务要求絰i撸斐扇肆Τ蒪en非chang高;
  • Difficulties encountered in Western restaurants Operation Management
  • Personnel:
    Requires high quality personnel with strong proficiency in English;
    High requirements for training on how to handle Western foods, etiquette, and how to match foods with drinks;
    high service requirements and high labor costs;
    Hard to ensure high service quality during peak times;
    Efficient and accurate communication mechanism needed between front of house and kitchen;
    Marketing Promotion:
    How can we establish a continually improving customer relationship management system,
    so as to attract new customers and maintain the satisfaction of old customers?
    How should we carry out frequent promotional policies?
    Cost Management:
    How can we maintain reliable supervision and auditing under the prerequisite of flexible operation?
    How can we best control a reasonable range of losses against the price of costly food materials?
  • 传统POSdian菜流程  以4位客人为例
  • 引导客人入座,提供4份纸zhi菜单;
  • Traditional Ordering Process  To Serve 4 Customers,For Example
  • Guide the customers to their seats, and offer them four paper menus;
    It will take 10-20 minutes for the customers to browse the menu,
    accompanied by our server who will write down their orders on paper;
    It will take 2 minutes to confirm the order with the customers;
    It takes 5 minutes to take the paper menus back, and to enter the orders into the POS system by the Touch Screen Station;
    While the kitchen is processing the printed order, the server can begin to prepare…
    The server places the printed guest check on the table for the confirmation of pick up;
    This process will take at least 25 minutes, so during peak periods it will likely cause a high error rate and also low customer satisfaction.
  • 使用Yumstone iPod Touchdian菜流程  以4位客人为例
  • 引导客人入座,提供4份纸zhi菜单;
    客人浏览菜单,服务员陪tong,用iPod Touchdian菜,平均zhan用10~20分钟 ;
    服务员将打印的消费清单置于客人桌上,供上菜确认 。
  • Use Yumstone iPod Touch  When using the iPod touch process (to serve 4 customers,for example)
  • Guide the customers to their seats, and offer them four paper menus;
    It will take 10-20 minutes for the customers to browse the menu,
    accompanied by our server who will use the iPod touch to record their choices;
    It will take 2 minutes to use the iPod touch to confirm the order with the customers;
    When using the iPod Touch to place the order, the Yumstone POS system will receive the order automatically via Wi-Fi networks, which occupies almost NO EXTRA time;
    While the kitchen is processing the order, the serve can begin to prepare at the same time…
    The server will print the guest check and attach it to the table for the confirmation of pick up.
    The whole process will take an average of 20 minutes. By using the iPod touch, you can avoid written mistakes and keyed in errors. You can also save a valuable 5 minutes , during which time the kitchen can prepare the first course.
  • 使用Yumstone iPAD自助dian菜系统  以4位客人为例
  • 引导客人入座,提供4台装有Yumpad客人自助dian菜系统的iPad;
    只需花1分钟介绍如何使用iPaddian菜系蚦hang狐br /> 客人按dian菜完成按钮,系统通guoBP机自动通知服务詁ao狐br /> 服务员使用任意一台iPad,调出4位客人的dian菜清单,系统自动hebing为一张清单,服务员与客人确认dian菜清单后,dian击下单,系统通guo无线网luo,
  • Use Yumstone iPAD Menu System  When using the iPad Menu process (to serve 4 customers,for example)
  • Guide the customers to their seats, and offer four iPads which are equipped with a Yumstone iPad Menu Ordering System;
    While the customers browse the iPad menu, it’s unnecessary to accompany them. Our servers can attend to other customers within the space of a minute,after only introducing the directions of the iPad menu;
    Once the customers finish making their orders, the system will inform the server automatically via a BP Call;
    The server himself can use any one of the iPad menus, type in the table no., and the system will merge all 4 customer checks into one check. Afterwards, the server can confirm the merged check with the customers, and click the “place order” button if it is correct. The POS system will then receive the order automatically via a Wi-Fi network,and the server can then take the 4 iPads back. It will take a total of 2 minutes for this whole process to take place;
    While the kitchen is processing the order, the server can begin to prepare at the same time… The server can print the guest check and attach it to the table for the confirmation of pick up. By using the iPad menu, the whole process will take just 3 minutes on average! It will avoid any written mistakes or keyed in errors, andsave a valuable 5 minutes for the kitchen to prepare the first course in good time;
    The use of the iPad menu will improve business handling capacity during peak periods by 8 times! Service quality will therefore be significantly improved.
  • 勾起食欲!极精美的菜单展示
  • 采用澳门du场的iPad自助dian菜系蚦hang柚趐ing果iPad强大的硬件平台,大幅突破传统印shua技术的xianzhi,将nin独特菜肴xi腻生动地展现出来,必将引爆客人的食欲!
  • Evoking appetite! The most elegant menu
  • Based on Apple iPad’s strong hardware platform, Yumstone iPad Menu Ordering system can help you to display your unique cuisine in a delicate and vivid way. It’s a great step forward from traditional printing technology, and will greatly catch the eyes of your customers.
    It’s very helpful for increasing the average amount spent per customer.
  • 想变就变!给运营插上翅膀
  • 所有的东西duzai变:shi代zai变,季jiezai变,客huzai变,口味zai变,供应shangzai变,jing争环境zai变…
    使用Yumpad for iPad客人自助dian菜系蚦hang?0miao调整菜品推荐位置,一键即可更新,让ninjin天的菜单和昨天的不一yang!
  • Change as your wish! Wings to the operations team
  • Everything is changing: age, season, customer tastes, suppliers, the environment is becoming more competitive…
    Can your paper menu change as you wish?
    While using the Yumstone iPad menu, it takes only 10 seconds to adjust the recommended dishes to the right position, and only one click to refresh all the iPad menus so that they are not the same as yesterday’s: It’s so easy.
  • 炫酷!极易上shou
  • iPad自助dian菜系蚦hang呵崴傻幕蚫ian击shi现翻襝hang琩ian菜,即使是hao无dian脑使用经验的老人,也无任何使用障碍;
    iTouch/iPhone服务员dian菜系蚦hang航獵aptain Orderdian菜形式展现zaiiPod Touch上,完全jian容yuan有dian菜习惯,上菜ci序,座位信息全自动记lu,服务员轻松上shou!
  • Cool! Easy to use
  • While using the Yumstone iPad menu: Simply slide to the relevant page and click to order. It’s very friendly and easy to start to use; even to a computer illiterate person;
    While using the Yumstone iTouch System: Following all the habits of the paper order form, display the “Captain Order” on the iPod touch/iPhone, by clicking the corresponding column to order. The system will then record the course information and seat number automatically.
  • jie约人力!更高满意度
  • 使用iTouchdian菜系统中的暂cun单功能,zai营业高峰shi候可以tongshi为临近几个can桌的客人提供dian菜服务,对比传统dian菜流程,提升2倍以上的接dai能力;
  • Labor cost saving! Higher satisfaction
  • While using the iTouch system: During peak periods, use the “Hold Items” function, so that the server can offer order services for nearby customers. Use the “Fire Items” function to continue the order. This will double the improvement of business handling capacity;
    While use iPad menu: self-service ordering by customers, when it has been finished, the system will inform the server via a BP call, 8 times improvement of business handling capacity!
    The system allows the server to send the order to the kitchen without leaving their customers or keying in orders at a workstation; saving more time for the kitchen to prepare foods.
  • 菜单更轻薄!内容更fengfu!
  • 几十款葡tao酒,几百款美蔯hang绾瓮萍隽钊寺獾淖閔e?
    使用iPad自助dian菜系蚦hang琻in可以发挥大厨的专长,将专襠ang哪谌荽頿eirong入iPad菜单中,不必再辛苦培训每个服务詁ao狐br /> 200页菜单?300页菜单?不必担xin菜单重到客人拿不动;菜单厚度8.8haomi,重680克,再多的内容也尽收罗,这就是用了iPaddian菜后的好处;
  • Thinner and lighter! But a much richer and more varied menu!
  • Dozens of bottles of wine, hundreds of types of food; how to recommend the perfect combination to your customers?
    While using the iPad menu: Instead of hard training each server, your manager can show his expertise by setting rich and professional content to the iPad menus;
    200 pages? 300 pages? Don’t worry about the menu being too heavy for the customers; the iPad menu is 8.8 mm thick and weighs only 680 grams, no matter how much content is loaded on to it!
  • 功能强大!为西can厅量身dingzhi
  • 西can厅独特的Captain Orderdian菜模式zaiiTouch/iPad系统上展现,无需fu杂的cao作,服务员即可轻松准确的将dian菜信息,上菜ci序,座 位信息等一ci搞ding;
    iPad自助dian菜系统上,shi现独特的订单hebing功能,将tong一桌的多个客人的dian菜清单hebing到任意一台iPad上,供服务员确认到Captain Order格式中,完成一ci下单。
  • Powerful! Customized for the Western Restaurant
  • Special Captain Order designed in Yumstone is perfectly available by the iTouch/iPAD system, without the complex operations, so that our waiters can get started easily and accurately, including serving orders and seat information;
    The kitchen can receive printed orders more quickly and more accurately, with all the necessary information attached to the dishes such as seat number and course sequence;
    While using the iPad Menu, customer orders can be merged together with the "Captain Order" form according to the same table number. This is so that, using any iPad, the server can confirm the order with the customers, and send the order to the kitchen at the same time.
  • 稳ding可靠!
  • 离线式dian菜;
    zai线蔶iao碌ィ狐br /> 10+年can饮系统设计经验,产品稳dingxing极高。
  • Stable and reliable!
  • Yumstone iPad/iTouch System support is maintained offline: just browse and click;
    On-line operation to send orders to the POS system and to update the menu;
    Yumstone has focused on the food and beverage industry for more than 10 years, and our system has been tried and tested by thousands of restaurants.
  • 多语yanzhi持!英文版已推出
  • 客人是老wai?服务员也是老wai?
  • Multi-language support! Now an English version is also available
  • Foreign customers? Foreign servers?
    It’s OK, we can provide a menu with an English version,featuring a button which can be used to switch between English and Chinese.
  • 更低造价!更低总拥有成ben
  • iTouchdian菜方案:iPod Touch的goumai成ben仅为传统chu摸屏的1/7,移动业务处理能力,提升接dai能力1倍以上,非chang适he于小xing西can厅使用;
  • Lower cost! Lower total cost of ownership
  • Through adopting Yumstone iTouch ordering system, the hardware cost is much lower than it would be for traditional Touch screen solutions. The cost of 7 iPod touch systems is equivalent to the cost of 1 Touch screen workstation. However, the former business processing capacity is 2 times higher; So it is ideal for use in a small Western restaurant;
    By adopting the Yumstone iPad menu solution, we can not only save on printing costs on all kinds of paper menus, but also on labor costs. A three-year total cost of ownership estimates that the iPad menu will save a considerable amount of money; costing at least 50% less than paper menus.
  • 高kuo展xing!强大的ERPkuo展功能
  • 需要更完shan的功能?
    澳门du场专zhu于can饮信息化管理chaoguo10年, 可以提供模kuai化功能插件,满zu客hu系统平滑升级需要;
    1.预订ling位排队等候子系蚦hang狐br /> 2.库cun管理/采gou管理/成benkongzhi管理子系蚦hang狐br /> 3.会员管理/客hu关系管理子系蚦hang狐br /> 4.集tuan六大謝ing南低chang杭痶uan数ju謝ing摹⒃擞猭ongzhi謝ing摹⒒嵩盋RM清算謝ing摹⒅醒氤课锪鱬ei送謝ing摹ing政ji人力资源謝ing摹⒒チざ﹚ai卖謝ing摹Ⅻ/li>
  • High scalability! More ERP function support
  • Need more functionality?
    Yumstone has been focused on Information Management of the Food and Beverage Industry for over 10 years. Our system can provide modular functionality plug-ins to meet the changing demands of your business in the following ways;
    1.Reservations, Hostesses, Queuing Management subsystem;
    2.Inventory, Purchasing, Cost-control Management Subsystem;
    3.Membership, Customer Relationships, Management Subsystem;
    4.Six Centers of Franchisor Systems: Group Data Center,Global Control Center of Operations and Standards,Membership and CRM Clearing Center,OA and Human Resource Center,and Internet Reserving and Delivery Center.
  • iTouchdian菜西can专业版案例参考:
    El Willy 西班yacan厅
  • 全新的El Willycan厅坐落zai一处于1906年建造的历史建筑内,昭示着老banjian总厨Willy Trullas Moreno要开一家上hai门hucan厅的yexin。不guo,相比wai滩黄金地段高dangcan厅的端庄优ya,全新El Willy仍然bao持了俏皮活泼的bense装修明kuai鲜亮,格局自由随意。zai极具老上hai风情的半yuan形窗边摆fang的木zhican桌上,五yan六se的小猪蚸i竎an盘,与Willyben人身穿的dai觴ing≈硗ji傅某Ψ嗟靡嬲茫懔⒖棠芨衧hou到西班ya人想要dai给客人更多的是用can的le趣,er不是别的;
  • can厅体验地址:上hai市黄浦区中山东er路22hao5楼。
  • Yumstone iPad Western Professional Reference Case :
    El Willy
  • The new El Willy Restaurant is located in a historic building built in 1906.It has been a clear ambition of the owner, and Chef Willy Trullas Moreno, to open a portal restaurant. However, compared to the other prime location restaurants that are also situated on the Bund, which are dignified or elegant, the new El Willy retains the true nature of a successful restaurant with its witty and lively atmosphere, bright decorations and random layout. The wooden dining tables have been placed nearby the very old Shanghai style semi-circular windows. When you see the colorful pig pattern plates and the apron that the chef Willy wears himself with a matching pattern, you feel immediately that the Spaniards want to bring guests more of a pleasurable dining experience rather than anything else;
    Hardware Configuration: 1*Server/1*Cashier/6*iPod Touch/3*Kitchen Printer/1*Cashier Printer;
    Software Configuration: Basic POS Module/6* iTouch ordering licenses;
    System Total Cost: Around RMB 70,000;
  • Restaurant address: 5F, No. 22, Zhongshan Second East Road, Huangpu District,
  • iPaddian菜西can专业版案例参考:
  • 极食can厅是一家充满创造力的西can厅,can厅提供无与伦比即摘即食的极zhi美食体验;
    这里不单单是一家can厅,还是一种生活方式的体验场所.来用can的客hu可以尊xiang苗圃iPlant智能蔬菜种植机特别种植的芽苗菜品种,nin可以通guo我们的App系统随shi随地的了jie自家自留地中蔬菜的成长状tai,bing可以预约特zhi自己的佳肴bing预ding用canshijian和亲朋好友们一起分xiang收获的kuaile.我们的WOW Magic Mat让nin可以见证mo术般红酒醒酒guo程,zai品味红酒旅程中,让美食变的是那么的美仑美奂。
    软件pei置:dian菜收银基础模kuai/iPAD自助dian菜西can模kuai*10/库cun管理系统/会员系蚦hang狐br /> 系统总造价:人min币15万左右;
  • Yumstone iPad Western Professional Reference Case :
    g+ Restaurant
  • g+ Restaurant: A creative Western restaurant that provides unique freshly-picked and ready-to-eat superb delicacies;
    With its Michelin-starred chefs, the restaurant provides each guest with an unprecedented culinary experience. Taking a rest and having dinner at the restaurant gives you not only the culinary delicacies, but also a fully new concept on how to live a healthy life;
    It is not merely a restaurant; it is a place to experience a new life style. Guests coming for dinner will enjoy the special sprouting vegetables planted in our iPlant vegetable planting machine, and become aware of the growth of the vegetables planted on your own lot anytime via our App system. Moreover, you can make a reservation to create your own individual dishes at a reserved time with your friends and family in order to enjoy the happiness of your harvest. You can witness the magic decanting process via our WOW Magic Mat, making your foods appetizing while appreciating the magic wine;
    800m2 operating space equipped with 10 iPAD menu system instead of a paper menu:
    Hardware Configuration: 1*Server/1*Cashier/1*Touch Screen/1*Inventory Station/1*Manager Station/10*iPad/4*Kitchen Printer/2*Cashier Printer;
    Software Configuration: Basic POS Module/10* iPad menu ordering licenses/Inventory Management Module/Membership and CRM Module;
    System Total Cost: Around RMB 150,000;
    Restaurant address: Himalaya Center B1-152, Lane 1188, Fangdian Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai (near Shanghai New International Expo Center).